DIY Bridal Program

Congrats on your engagement! If you are here you are likely in the midst of the wedding planning stages and somewhere between joy and daunting budgets. Wedding flowers can be an overwhelming and costly process, we totally get it, so here at Fleur de Mer we have created a DIY bridal program that allows you to have access to premium blooms and the tools to bring your wedding floral dreams to life. Our goal is simple. Bring beautiful and quality flowers to all without having to break the bank.

Step 1 - Let's Talk Vision
Schedule a one on one appointment with an expert of the Fleur de Mer team to discuss themes, needs/wants and production timeline for your big day. Share mood boards, venue details and approximate event and bridal party headcount. Online form to be submitted ahead of appointment.
One time fee of $150

Step 2 - Breaking It Down
Leave figuring out the numbers to us, it's a buzzkill, trust us. The Fleur de Mer team will develop a customized plan and breakdown of all product needed based upon your budget to create your ideal vision. Working with our distributors, we will place your orders at the time of the big event, guaranteeing the best market price available.
One time fee of $300 (cost of flowers to be billed separately)

Step 3 - Time For Class
Learn the ins and outs of creating your wedding pieces. From bouquets to centerpieces the Fleur de Mer team will guide you with tips and tricks needed to execute your DIY wedding florals.
$125 per hour (one hour bouquet class and one hour centerpiece class suggested) (cost of practice flowers to be billed separately)

Step 4 - Big Day Prep
Invite your bridal party and loved ones to Fleur de Mer to prepare all your wedding pieces. Utilizing the Fleur de Mer space, tools and vibes, create in a fun environment for the big day.
$125 per hour